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Larysa Y.

Italy On The Fly has been the first "Destination Fishing" entirely focused on Italy, combining the great fishing Italy has to offer with the best Italian things such as food, wine, art, culture, tradition, history and more...

Since 2019, Italy On The Fly is the only fishing destination in Italy officially recognized as an ORVIS FLY FISHING OUTFITTER.

We work with the best local and international partners and professionals to ensure the best out of your Fishing Experience in Italy.
We do not ask you to trust us blindly.
Trust the clients, friends, fellow anglers that came along and made an unforgettable experience out of their Italian bespoke fishing experience.

"Everyday I thought it was the best day of my life"
Larysa Y.
"This was one of my most memorable trips and I am already thinking when I can make it back"
Karel L.
"This is a trip of lifetime, genuinely"
Russel B.
"I really would recomend it, it's really superb"
Neil C.
"We take back with us all the memories, experiences and photographs to cherish for a long time to come... till next time"
Bob & Cheryl
"Vito is a great instructor and teacher. Very patient man. He looked after me from the first day I started Fly Fishing and he made it very enjoyable. He is the reason I carried on Fly Fishing" 
Vishaal C.
"Vito went above and beyond to allow me to achieve the grand slam! Fishing in three different regions and three different species. His knowledge of fish and fishing is matched by his knowledge and enthusiasm for food, culture and history. Very welcoming and professional"
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Thank you for a great 4 day introduction to Friuli. Your description of the area and the fishing was very accurate and so I found just what I was looking for. Francesco is a lovely, intelligent, companion as well as a great guide and I had a fantastic 2 days fishing. The hotel was very comfortable and the staff couldn't have been more helpful or friendly. Finally my non-fishing wife said it couldn't have been a better trip so we are both very happy. Thanks again to both of you.
Ron C.
Thanks Paolo - could not have asked for more! Amazing day! Thank you!! Amazing guides!! Thank you all for everything. Amazing trip! Beautiful experience!
Will H.

Thanks again for a great day Francesco! Greatly appreciate all the fine work.
John & Erin L.
Thank you for organising the fishing today! It was a lovely day.
Nicole F.

The trip was epic! It was the best day we’ve had on our trip so far. We fell in love with the region!
Brittany M.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip. I really enjoyed it and topped it all off with a trophy marble. Francesco is a great guide and showed me a great time and taught me new tactics. Really enjoyed it. Can you pencil me in for next June?
Alistair G.

We had a wonderful time. Paolo is a first rate guy and guide. Many thanks!
Mike T. 
I was so lucky to fish among the majestic Dolomite Alps, catching beautiful, wild trout and and a gorgeous Marble trout found in Italy. Fishing in Italy is indeed a treat; gorgeous scenery, magnificent mountains, crystal clear creeks, challenging rivers, delicious cuisine, delightful Italian culture, and great guides 
Marry Anne P.
My wife, Linda and I could not have been more pleased with everything about the “Italy on the Fly” trip. Hutch Hutchinson was available at all times, Vito, our outfitter, was splendid and a real gentlemen. The Hotel is representative of the region and Tanya, the proprietor was terrific. Food was delicious and the guides superb. Fishing was varied for all skill levels and river or stream size. The group blended well and there was no pressure to have to fish. Would recommend and do it again in a heart beat. Orvis crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s.
Chuck P.
Simply a wonderful experience. Hutch Hutchinson is perfect as a host -- well prepared, thoughtful, an excellent communicator, unfailingly positive and pleasant, always available, sensitive to everyone's needs, always anticipating what's next -- a class act in all respects. Vito was also the perfect host. He and Hutch were a seamless team. Vito's guides were excellent. My own guide, Davide, was one of the best, most thoughtful and skilled guide I've ever had anywhere. Vito and his team are a superb partner for Orvis.  
George T.
I can’t recommend this highly enough! It was an amazing time in an amazing place! I live in the Rocky Mountains and still couldn’t believe how beautiful the place was where our guide took us! He was also excellent at making sure we all had a great time even though we were split between a very avid fly fisherman and two of us having never done it before. They provided all of the supplies and licenses so you can show up, put on your waders and head to waters that are so clear and beautiful you can see the fish. Also, this is (according to the expert trout fisherman in my family) the only place in the world where you can catch marble trout so if you enjoy doing things that are unique, this is the place to do and Italy on the Fly is the team to help you!!  
Steph M.
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