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Our local knowledge is key to picking the right stretch along these famed waters for the perfect conditions on any given day.  

When the snowpack recedes in the heat of summer we venture up into the higher mountain streams and secluded alpine lakes.  


If you are lucky enough to be a fanatical angler or just love to revel in the grandeur of the natural world at its finest, this is the place for you.



Just 90 minutes from Rome it is an ideal day trip from the city.


Fly Fishing for Pike on a shallow carsic lake in the high Italian mountains (about 1300 metres abs) is a breath-taking and unique experience.


The high altitude lake where these Pike thrive is surrounded by wild countryside and rugged mountains. The Central Apennines are a majestic range of limestone peaks reaching 3,000 meters with caves, deep canyons and some of Europes oldest beech forests.  


This terrain is relatively young in geologic terms but the cinematic landscape has been the backdrop to some of the most beloved old ‘spaghetti western’ films of a bygone era. Cowboys still roam here driving their herds but most of the grasslands have returned to nature and the forests are home to the Marscian brown bear, gray wolves, chamois, red deer, golden eagles and lots of endemic flora.  

Many of the towns and villages here pre-date Rome and gave birth to some of Central Italy’s most famous dishes.  The people are warm and welcoming with their pride of history and tradition evident in all those you will meet.   


We fish for the massive mountain pike along the shores of the lake accessed by lovely hikes through a varied landscape.  While their cousins down lower in the valley need to be pursued by boat in the larger lakes, these toothy kings of the hills are found lurking in the spectacular network of glacially carved shimmering pools and are only a cast away.    

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